4 Super Easy Ways to Revive Your Home After Winter

Easy Ways to Revive Home After Winter

Spring is in the air, you’re probably already feeling the impact of the pollen, and you’re home is about the only thing that still looks dark and gloomy.

Revive your home and make it feel like spring with these 4 tips.

1. Let in the light

You can make your whole home seem more open and fresh by cleaning the windows and letting the natural light through.

Another option is to replace your dark heavy curtains with sheers for spring and summer to allow more light in.

2. Change out décor

Just how you may change your style during winter you can do the same with your home’s décor for spring.

Opt for brighter accent colors and replace your darker paintings with lighter and more vibrant designs.

3. Scatter plants about

Plants act as a natural air filter and after breathing the same stale air all winter, you’ll notice the difference.

You can use big plants, or scatter little succulents throughout your house for a spring look and fresh air.

4. De-clutter your space

Perhaps the best way to revive your home after winter is to get rid of the all the stuff you don’t use or don’t wear, and to put things away.

De-cluttering always makes your home seem more open and revived.

To help start the process make it a goal to put one thing away every time you get up from sitting down.

Just breathe

It’s spring! Enjoy the fresh air, breathe it in, and try not to sneeze.

Being rejuvenated will make your house seem even more revived.

How are you reviving your home this spring?

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