5 DIY Air Fresheners that Will Make Your Home Smell Amazing

diy air fresheners
Do you want your home to smell fresh again? Make sure it smells great all the time with these 5 DIY air fresheners.

1. Reed diffusers

You can easily make your own reed diffuser to avoid all the chemicals used to create plug in air fresheners. All you need is a vase, reeds or bamboo skewers, and essential oils of your choice.

2. Air freshener spray

This DIY project is just as easy as the others and the best part, you get to buy vodka for this one. Check out these 10 homemade air freshener formulas for ideas.

3. Scented wood blocks

The easiest way to put this together is to purchase some wooden blocks and spray them or paint them with essential oils. Simplify it by putting the blocks in a container with extra oil and shake it until they’re fully coated. When they need to be coated again, just follow the same steps!

4. Potpourri

Purchase any combination of fruits and spices you like from your grocery store, cut them up, bake them, and toss them in some oil to create instant potpourri. This isn’t just great for making your house smell wonderful, it’s an awesome DIY gift. You can even get one last use out of your potpourri by simmering it in some water

5. Simmered air freshener

If you didn’t have dried potpourri to begin with, you can still make a one-time use simering air freshener with your favorite ingredients from the store. If you’re not sure where to start, explore these recipes first.

What other DIY air fresheners are you thinking about trying?

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