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Hi, I'm Shane Easton!

Mortgage Consultant Licensed in Indiana and Florida Close In Days Not Weeks! Apply Today

Hi, I'm Shane Easton!

Mortgage Consultant Licensed in Indiana and Florida Close In Days Not Weeks! Apply Today


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“Shane was responsive, had answers for all of our questions, and thorough.”

Eric S.

“Shane always responded to my texts, emails, and calls right away. He took time to explain the process to me and I never felt like he was rushing through. He was very clear in what he needed from me. Shane and the Lisas worked very quickly!”


“Shane Easton did a remarkable job getting our mortgage approved. And he always responded quickly whenever we had questions. We appreciated his expertise!”

Daniel M.

“Shane has a wonderful, upbeat personality. He communicates very promptly and very well. He explains everything very clearly and he has a great sense of humor. He’s a joy to work with.”

Mina K.

"I am VERY PLEASED to report that I received the most professional help in my pursuit to find a home. My daughter and I were homeless for five years. I couldn't find ANY one to help us. I ran into a family member that introduced me to The Bailey & Wood Financial Group. She told me, I know who you need. We were put in touch with each other and THAT DAY I was approved and told to look for a house. Two years later I went back to Bailey & Wood to refinance my home and the process went well. I have a new mortgage and I plan to work on paying off the loan early. I would LOVE to thank EVERYONE who help my daughter and myself regain our dignity in this community. ❤️"

Ledrena G.

"The team at Bailey & Wood Financial Group was great with communication and getting things wrapped up quickly with my refinance. The quality of service will have me doing business with them again."

Justin S.
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Shane Easton

Mortgage Consultant
NMLS# 273004, INLIC 28030, FLLIC LO59658
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