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7 Simple DIY Ways to Improve My Patio and Backyard this Summer

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ways to improve my backyard this summer
Warmer temperatures mean more time outside. Spruce up your backyard this summer to create a killer ambiance. You’ll want to spend all of your time outdoors after adding these easy DIY features.

1. Make an outdoor rug

You can braid it, sew it, or crochet it. Use durable material and whatever colors you want for a fun outdoor rug this summer.

2. Build your own wind chimes

build-your-own-wind-chimes build-your-own-wind-chimes-2
If you have extra trinkets lying around your home, turn them into a fun wind chime to add to your summer décor. You’ll appreciate the extra calming sound it brings to your backyard.

3. Add a pop of color with pillows and throws

Do you have an old bench or patio furniture? Make it look like brand new with some colorful pillows. You can either buy some, or make them yourself. Either way it makes the furniture look rejuvenated.

4. Create tin can lanterns

This easy DIY project just takes a few used cans and a tea light. Create a design you like and set or hang them around your yard or patio.

5. Add a string of lights

String lights always add a lot of character to a yard because they come in many styles and shapes. Choose one that suits your style, or make your own.

6. Make-over your chairs

Instantly add a pop of color and fun to your backyard by painting old chairs such as rocking chairs or folding chairs.

7. Hang a hammock

Who doesn’t love a hammock? They’re great for relaxing and funny moments. You can hang it between two trees if available or put up a rod.

Make it about you

There are a lot of really awesome backyard and patio decoration ideas. Just make it your goal when you’re exploring your options to pick the ones that will most shout your style and character.

How are you going to improve your backyard this summer?

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