Hometown Hero Episode 7: Kelly & Caleb Dick

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For September’s Hometown Hero, we are spotlighting Kelly Wilson Dick!
Her son Caleb had suffered from epilepsy since he was 4 years old, with extremes of 20 seizures a day and now is seizure free since February. Kelly credits Epilepsy Foundation of Indiana for helping with Caleb’s success and now they give back to help others whose lives have been effected by Epilepsy. Since then Kelly and Caleb have been making huge strives with the Epilepsy Foundation of America as they were able to talk with the Senate House and help pass the Seizure Safe School Act.

We’re so excited to showcase Kelly & Caleb as one of Bailey’s Hometown Heroes! If you would like to get involved with Epilepsy Foundation check out their website:

If you would like to nominate a local hero to spotlight or would like to learn more about our program, Click this link:

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