How to Best Prioritize Your Home Improvement Projects

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how to prioritize home improvement projects
You may have a million and one ideas of how you want to improve your home. The question many homeowners ask themselves though is “which one should I tackle first?” If you’re wondering the same thing, here’s a guide to how you can figure out which projects need attention first.

Ask yourself, “What needs to be done?”

Do what needs to be done first. Obvious right? For the safety of you and your loved ones, or for general comfort, complete the items affecting your daily living. Change all the light bulbs, make sure your gutters are free and clear of debris, your toilets, heat, and air conditioning work, and take care of any other issues before attempting wish list projects.

Make a wish list

Next you need to make a list of any and all projects you want to complete in your house now or in the future. Doing so will allow you to see what projects can be grouped together, which ones make the most sense right now, and which ones involve a lot of decisions to be made.

Figure out where you’re at in life

You may feel like all the projects you want completed need to be done right now. You have to look at your wish list though and determine which projects will benefit your current life stage the most. Are you looking to move? Then perhaps you’ll choose projects adding the most value to your home.

If you’re looking to grow your family, maybe adding that spare bedroom or adding a bathroom would be your top pick.

Keep in mind your budget will play a role in the project you’ll choose.

Plan a budget

It’s easy to get excited about the projects you want to complete, which means you can easily get carried away. Be smart and realistic about the projects you choose to do. Ask yourself, “How much am I willing to spend,” and “how much of this can I do myself?” Then go from there.

You may want to talk to a few contractors when determining your budget so you can create a more realistic picture of what you’re in for.

Decide on your project

Finally, after completing must-do tasks, creating a wish list, examining your life situation, and figuring out your budget you should be able to choose the best home improvement project for you. If you’re still undecided, maybe just pick two and flip a coin!

How do you prioritize your home improvement projects?


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