The 2 Biggest HGTV Renovation Myths You Need to Know About

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Everyone knows when they’re watching a reality television show it’s just that…television. However, some shows, pretty much all the home makeover shows on HGTV, somehow convince future and current homebuyers that they can follow in the exact same footsteps as those on the show.

There are numerous issues with these types of shows when it comes to home remodeling, but hopefully these 2 HGTV renovation myths will clear the air.

HGTV Renovation Myth #1: Time

You’ll notice the family goes away for a week and comes back to the home of their dreams. Wouldn’t that be nice? It doesn’t actually take one week to transform your home. It actually takes much, much longer.

What the show doesn’t share with you is the amount of scrambling behind the scenes. When you see 4-5 people on screen completing the work, there are actually 30 or more people in the background working.

In addition, no matter the number of people working on the house, there are limitations you can’t control, like how fast the paint dries, or how long it would take to install real hardwood versus laminate. HGTV shows can edit those wait times out making it appear as if the job can actually be completed in a short time frame.

HGTV Renovation Myth #2: Money

Over and over you’ll see a couple or family with a long list of must-haves and somehow the contractor is able to make it happen under their very tight budget.

Realistically, your renovations will add up and it will require you to make some cuts on your must-haves list. Many times the contractors doing the shows will provide free materials in exchange for the publicity they’re receiving from the show.

Unless you and your home make it on the show, you’re going to have to pay full price for all the materials and labor, so make sure you price shop.

Proceed with caution

Oftentimes you’ll get caught up with the couple’s story or some cool renovation displayed, but you must keep yourself in check.

These storylines are overdramatized for TV and the process is never as easy as it looks. As long as you keep your feet on the ground you too can also have a great house with a little more money, time, and work.

Which HGTV renovations myths have you experienced first-hand?

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