In case you didn’t know, We started a new series entitled Commitment 2 Community! This series will follow some amazing stories all across Indiana! For the Month of August, we had so many projects! Which is why we decided to recap them for you!
10th Annual Golf Outing: We raised a total of $30,000 for Hoosier Burn Camp and Local Hero Kevin Kinnee who was recently diagnose with ALS!
FOP: We showed our support to Policemen and Policewomen from all over! It was great to thank them for their service and honor those who gave the Ultimate Sacrifice!
Hero Appreciation Golf Outing: As one of the Title Sponsors for this event, we provided local Veterans, First Responders, Education, and More Heroes a day of free Golf and show our thanks! We also helped raise money for local Lucas Grounds! #Lucas912Strong
Stay Tuned for October’s #Commitment2Community Story!! If you would like to nominate someone, please email
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