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What Others Are Saying About Me

“David is amazing! He worked very quickly to get me a pre-approval in a day. Once our offer was accepted, he worked all angles until my mortgage was accepted by underwriting. He knew exactly what I needed every step of the way. His team provided the documents that I needed to sign and even sat on hold for hours with the IRS so I didn’t have to. They were all wonderful and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you for making my dream for my family a reality! “

Amber B. / Homebuyer

“David and his partner, Brenda Quinn, were very easy to work with. Brenda went above and beyond by working far outside normal business hours to make sure that we closed on our loan on time. I was able to contact either of them on nights and/or weekends. I’ve already recommended them to multiple friends. “

Austin F. / Homebuyer

“Dave was in constant communication with us, keeping us informed on where we were at in the process and if he needed anything else from us. He explained everything that was going to go on at the closing so we were informed and prepared. Dave was wonderful and we would highly recommend him to anyone looking at buying a home! “

Susan W. / Homebuyer

“David was very interested in helping us from the beginning. He was courteous, knowledgeable, caring, and did everything he could to help us. We appreciate his working with us and would recommend him to anyone. Thanks David.”

Clarence W. / Homebuyer

“David made the whole process easy to understand. He prepared us for each step and moved through them quickly, always available to answer our questions. He anticipated our needs and offered timely suggestions. We actually ENJOYED getting a mortgage loan!”

Robert B. / Homebuyer

“Very professional. As a first time home buyer David made sure I understood every step of the home buying process and patiently answered all of my questions. I could tell David genuinely had my best interest in mind. “

Justin C. / Homebuyer

“Fantastic experience! “

Jason N. / Homebuyer

“Fully satisfied with the service that I got with David Bowyer and then some “

Richard T. / Homebuyer

“David and his team was extremely helpful, personal and knowledgeable. We appreciate all he was able to do for us and would recommend him to our friends and family.”

Joyce L. / Homebuyer

“David was knowledgeable, helpful, worked quickly, and responded in short order to any question or request I had. I’d absolutely work with him again.”

Amanda M. / Homebuyer

“David was amazing. We had some things that we needed to do to accomplish getting the house and he helped to make it happen! He was always a joy to talk to on the phone and gave us real answers and clear answers. I’ve purchased several homes over the years and this was by FAR the very best experience I’ve had. “

Andrew S. / Homebuyer

“David was awesome through the whole process. We hit a snag in the road with our first house we had picked and had to go a different route, but David was very understanding and completely helpful in the set up with the house we have now! We love our new home and we thank David immensely for his hard work and dedication. Thanks David! “

Shelbi H. / Homebuyer

“The step by step process, I found to be somewhat intimidating. But, David patiently helped me to understand it all. I will recommend him any chance I get.”

Gregory F. / Homebuyer

“Always promote to answer questions emails and phone calls even on non business hours always helpful!”

Timothy J. / Homebuyer

“David Bowyer was great! He knew what we needed before we did. We appreciated every step of the process being clearly laid out and helped along so we never had to wonder what we needed to do next.”

Robert B. / Homebuyer

“I have worked with Dave Bowyer since 2005 and he is extremely competent, educated and works well with my first time home buyers or experienced buyers. I would never hesitate to refer Dave to any of my clients.”

David Pierce / Jarvis Realty

“Great Mortgage Company! Highly recommend David Bowyer!”

Greg Leugers / Keller Williams-Hometown Realty

Greg Leugers / Keller Williams-Hometown Realty

“You need a lender you can trust and count on, Dave Bowyer and the guys at Bailey & Wood have always produced great service for my clients.”

Brandon Warfield / Carpenter Realtors

Brandon Warfield / Carpenter Realtors

“All of the consultants we have dealt with at Bailey & Wood have put forth the best efforts in regards to getting deals done for our clients in a timely manner. Their company motto “Your Hometown Mortgage Lender” seems to fit them really well and Dave Bowyer always gets the job done.”

Kevin & Suzanne Findley / Keller Williams-Hometown Realty

Kevin & Suzanne Findley / Keller Williams-Hometown Realty

“Bailey & Wood and Dave Bowyer will always keep you as an agent informed from day one to the day of closing. They have always been personable, and caring about their clients and the agents.”

Steve Bright / Re/Max 1st Realty

Steve Bright / Re/Max 1st Realty

“Mr. Bowyer was there with an answer to my questions quickly. I felt we had a bit of a complicated case, since I was selling one house and buying another. He worked through the process with us and everything went smoothly. I felt he worked very hard to get us out of the old house and into the new. We are very appreciative!”

Barb B. / Homebuyer

“Very clearly explained the process, explained all the info he needed from me and why. Also very patiently answered all my questions. Would gladly work with him again!”

Kelly J. / Homebuyer

“Mr. Bowyer did an excellent job helping us refinance our home. He explained everything clearly and helped us through the process. It’s never easy buying a new home or refinancing but Mr. Bowyer made the process as painless as possible.”

David W. / Homebuyer

“David was extremely helpful from the start in helping us navigate what the process looked like to reach our home goals. He continued to be prompt with any questions we had and made the process very easy. He was recommended to me and I would gladly pass the recommendation on.”

Doug P. / Homebuyer

“Very responsive and helpful. This was our first house purchase in Indiana and we came from New Jersey. Dave was accessible and responsive to all my questions, and I had a lot.”

Robert T. / Homebuyer

Robert T. / Homebuyer

“I was referred to David by my realtor. He was extremely responsive, knowledgeable and did a great job for me. He helped e through each step of the way, and provided guidance through some unique situations. Highly recommended!”

Joel C. / Homebuyer

“David was very patient and thorough explaining the loan process. There were a few issues along the way due to our remodeling of an old farm house. But David and his staff were there to assist in making the process a smooth one.”

Stephen R. / Homebuyer

“He was very good at getting me what I needed. He put my mind at ease when I was worried about anything I had questions about. It was very enjoyable working with him Ana his team.”

Vicki M. / Homebuyer

“David Bowyer embodies professionalism. I have done more than one mortgage with him because he puts my needs above his. The BEST part of any customer service is communication- and Dave guided me through the paper work like a pro. I have NEVER had a more honest, communicative experience than I had with David Bowyer. A mortgage can be a confusing, scary process; but with Dave you feel comfortable knowing that he will explain EVERYTHING along the way.”

Don W. / Homebuyer

“David did a great job for us and we would work with him again if we purchase another property. Hw worked with us over a period of months until we found the home we were looking for. He also worked well with our realtor and everyone else that was involved in the purchase of he new home.”

Alan G. / Homebuyer

“I thought it would be fun and an exiting experience to buy a new home, but I was wrong, It can be a hassle to buy a new home as a self-employed. All the information they want from you and some of it didn’t make any sense at all.Thank you to David Bowyer, he supported us all the way, any questions we had or concerns, he answered our calls, he might not have all the answers but he did everything he could do to find them, and we do appreciate that a lot.”

Michael B. / Homebuyer

“David worked extremely hard for us to get our dream home! We appreciate his diligence and his calm guidance through a stressful process. Thank You David!”

Heather V. / Homebuyer

“We have dealt with David Bowyer on two separate occasions during the past 5 years or so. He and his team are stellar people. Trustworthy, honest, responsive, helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. After our first experience with him a few years back, we sought him out again for our most recent home purchase. I recommend him highly and without hesitation.”

Creg A. / Homebuyer

“Dave worked for a long time on our refi and kept us up to date on the progress. I have know Dave since 1998 and can say he lives by the highest standards of honesty and integrity. This is the second refi Dave has done for us and he has saved us a substantial amount both times. I highly recommend David Bowyer for all of your new loans and refi needs.”

Jerry M. / Homebuyer

“Mr. Bowyer was on top of all the requirements for VA financing. He always answered my questions and kept strait all of the paperwork in a timely manner. In the end, a most unpleasant process of buying a home was streamlined and brought together without wailing and gnashing of teeth. Good job!”

Pat K. / Homebuyer

I just closed a house deal last week, (first week of June 2015) so what I write is all very fresh to me. I COULD NOT BE MORE PLEASED with the work David Bowyer and the Bailey and Woods team put forth. As I understand it, my loan was pretty difficult but Bailey and Woods did an OUTSTANDING job for the entire length of the loan application. David Bowyer’s acumen was spot on target throughout. Also, I teased him on one occasion wherein I told him it seemed I was his only client! It was not true of course but he was that responsive to me throughout this loan. I think too on several occasions he had to exercise a little more patience with me over how the process went; I simply did not know but he did! The same is also true when dealing with all the challenges the underwriters kept laying before us. Each time he rose to the occasion telling me “we are going to get this loan, trust me” He was right. His encouragement and knowledge of what was taking place and soon to take place is what kept me from walking away. I come away not only have a restored confidence in the integrity of the home loan process but more importantly in the people as well. I cannot speak highly enough about Laura, Lisa, Vince and Mr. Woods himself as well as all the others who I am sure all had a hand in this loan process. Moreover, I gladly add that Greg Leugers of Keller & Williams, his team and even his wife, have all earned my solid respect. You want a home loan??? You would do yourself harm if you did not seek out these people first!”

Doug B. / Homebuyer

The results displayed above are only estimates and cannot be used to determine actual loan cost or be used as a guarantee. Please consult David for an official estimate.

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