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  • The Guessing Game
    The Guessing Game

    Too often we hear from Realtor Professionals that they are not sure what is going on with their loans when speaking with the lender representative and cant get the answers they need. Why deal with this?

    At Bailey & Wood we implemented a process in 2006 that was driven for purchase business and to take away any confusion from the process. Lets take a simple scenario that happens daily in this industry. A Realtor receives a phone call from a possible interested buyer on a Tuesday evening. The Realtor asks the client if they have been pre-qualified or been working with a bank or lender to set up possible financing. The client states they haven’t had the time to do so yet so the Realtor suggest calling someone to get this going prior to showing them homes on Saturday like the client requested. Here is where most lenders and banks drop the ball.

    Our consultants will answer that call on a Tuesday night and we have a phone system operating 24 hours a day to direct you to a live person to get assistance. Our consultant takes the application Tuesday night and reviews the credit and informs the client that they will get back with them in the morning. The next morning that file is placed into underwriting where the underwriter who will handle the file throughout issues a pre-qualification that same day. Our consultant then has an underwriter decision based on the application and credit in which they meet then to gather the docs from the client. The consultant then meets the client on Thursday and has them sign preliminary docs on a to be determined property allowing us to pull employment and tax verifications upfront. The file then is given back to the underwriter and a full underwrite is conducted and a conditional approval is issued. So think about this as a Realtor prior to you showing a home, we have conducted all the verifications and have a real approval from the underwriter who will handle the file all the way through.

    Why is this important you may ask? Well no phone calls to you two weeks into the process, “stating well they don’t qualify now”, “there was a problem with their employment sorry” or worse yet your consultant disappears and you are left wondering where you are at. If your not using Bailey & Wood for your purchase transactions you are playing a true guessing game with your clients. Be sure to ask when does an underwriter see the file and when do you order the verifications that could affect someone being approved. I think you will be shocked to hear the answers from some lenders and banks. We take all the guessing out of the equation and the process handles itself. No one closes loans faster for less than Bailey & Wood, give us a try and we promise you will be amazed.

  • Marketing Support
    Marketing Support

    Bailey & Wood has put into place a structure in which we feel offers a wide range of support for our Realtor contacts. We believe that a strong relationship with our Realtor Professionals is a two way street. Whether it is through mailers, flyers or social media we have a great group of individuals ready to serve and assist you stay on top of changes in the market place and build your business. All you need to do is contact us or email us a specific MLS # and we can do the rest for you. Please check out our Marketing Resources page for more info or feel free to contact us anytime at 855-350-4663 or email us at

  • Trainings

    At Bailey & Wood we have many training programs to assist our agents anywhere from the basics of the mortgage industry to social media and how to utilize it. Realtor Relations Manager Dave Wood and Head of Underwriting Monte Alexander have conducted many trainings throughout the state and it is a great way even for a Q & A session with an underwriter. Ever wondered why something was done a certain way or if something really was a guideline? Let us take away any questions you may have and help you become more confident in the mortgage process.

    Please visit our Training Presentations page for more info as well or contact Dave to set up a training today at 855-350-4663 or email him at