Realtor Training Presentations

At Bailey & Wood Financial Group we offer exclusive Realtor training presentations, helping develop agents everyday. Our personal Realtor Resource Structure has led to many long term partnerships with realtor partners and we continue to roll out new and innovative ways to help assist the great realtor agents of Indiana.

Training Presentations
  • Mortgage 101

    Introduction to the basics of Mortgage Lending, Mortgage Consultant, Grant Lyons presents the basics on understanding mortgage terms, processes and overall flow. This is a great way for newer agents or agents whom may just want a refresher course on mortgage lending terminology and understanding the basics of information that may be relayed to you from a mortgage consultant or client.

  • Mortgage Lending 201

    A more in depth look at the specifics of certain loan products, what to look for when placing a client with a certain home in relation to mortgage products. From Conventional Financing to FHA 203k rehab loans we cover all the products and help give you a better understanding of the benefits or pitfalls of each when looking at a property and borrower. If you just want to be able to better grasp what is out there to better relay info to your prospective buyers or even when placing a home on the market this is a great class to get necessary info to assist.

  • Selling HUD Homes

    Training offering lending aspects when purchasing a HUD home and what lenders look for. Lead by our our 203k Asset Manager Lisa Okey who has years of experience with these types of products and services. Please contact us to set up a training at your office, and learn how certain situations are different within lending and what goes on when selling or buying a HUD home. This is a great course than can help make the lending process and the procedures in place on HUD homes easier to comprehend and understand.

  • Social Media

    Marketing Coordinator, Amber Inabnit will come to your office and show you the latest waves in social media and how you can use these platforms to boost your overall business. From Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, to mobile applications the world of business is changing dramatically every day. Learn how the changes in the marketing world when it comes to social media can impact your business and possibly help increase your productivity levels. More information on our Marketing Assistance page as well on these great features.